Care and Feeding of your Social Media Marketing Program

Social media marketing DEMANDS constant care and feeding. Social media marketing can’t be random, it must be focused and you’ve got to have some sort of marketing plan in place to follow which includes the care and feeding of your program.

Care and feeding of social media marketing

Photo (CC) by DeaPeaJay on Flickr

Let’s start with caring for your social media program.

Kraft Foods “How Oreo Learned to Fish Where the Fish Are” is a perfect example of how to care for your online marketing efforts. You’ve got to identify your niche and your target market with social media. That’s  key to making social media work for you.

Here are 3 solid ways to care for your social media program and make the most of your online marketing efforts:

1. Speak directly to those who want to hear from you. No need to cast a wide net and try to catch the masses. By focusing on your target market you’ll be able to grow your event substantially by highlighting what your event will offer your attendees.

2. Share what you know, create buzz. Show that your event is a leader in the industry.  Show what attendees will miss if they are not in attendance.  Share the details and provide reasons why your event is one to attend.

3. Care about growing your online networking platforms. Reach out, connect, spend time with those that are in your industry, spend time to find out where your target market is looking for information and make sure you are there.

By working on these 3 things, by caring about the social media marketing program for your event, your social media presence will grow exponentially and it will work for you.

Here are 3 ways to “feed” your program:

1.  Provide good, solid info to others that they can pass on and give you credit for sharing. Conversely, pass along what others say – put them in the spotlight. This is a great way to feed your online efforts.

2.  Jump in, be social, have a conversation – that’s what it’s all about.

3.  Spend time each and every day online.  If you don’t spend the time, in essence if you don’t feed your program, it’s certainly not going to work.

Social media necessitates attention. Think about the things you give attention to – your family, friends,  pets, and plants. They all thrive when you care for them and feed them in a variety of ways.  Don’t you think it’s time you did the same thing for your social media marketing program?

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