It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Social Media!

It's not Rocket Science, It's Social MediaIt seems to happen every time you talk to people about social media, doesn’t it? Eyes gloss over, hands start to flutter, attention wanes. You think you were talking about something technical like rocket science.  You hear “I know it’s important, but it’s so complicated.” Since when is being social complicated? Social media is another form of simple conversation and if you’re in business, you have to have the social media conversation going. Nowhere is it more clearly stated than in the Social Media Revolution video – the ROI of social is that your business/association/meeting will still exist in 5 years.

One of the partners at Market My Meeting, Leslie Saint McLellan, had to market a small Southern California resort destination for 2 years, primarily using social media, not spending a dime on paid advertising. She can tell you it was successful, even though she’s not a numbers person. Leslie wasn’t mired in analytics, she didn’t do fancy things, she was determined to keep it very simple….the marketing was driven by being social, by the online conversation, and she based success on how many were talking about the area via social media because ultimately that’s what drove visitors to the community.

Now there are plenty of businesses who live and die by their social media analytics, and we’re not disputing how they do things. We’re just saying that for that particular destination and for many businesses in general, being social, having a conversation and keeping things simple is what it’s all about.

What can be done to help people get over the fear of social media and see how easy it can really be?

It all starts with the understanding that social media is about having a conversation.  Social media is a very simple thing to do.  Since this isn’t rocket science, what’s really needed is for people to see how social media is successfully done.  Present a clear social media marketing strategy and right away you see a light bulb come on as it becomes clear what a powerful tool social media marketing is.

Specifically in the Association market, goals for social media should include:

  1. Giving members/attendees the online platform(s) to converse about the upcoming meeting.
  2. Enable potential attendees to help promote the meeting.
  3. Provide a forum where attendees can connect and build a relationship before they ever reach the meeting site.

When the goals are accomplished, attendance grows and it’s a win for everyone.   Just remember, it’s not rocket science, it’s social media.