Top 10 Reasons Your Event Needs Us

Why should you use Market My Meeting?Drive Attendance with Market My Meeting

Here are the Top 10 Reasons ~

Top 10 Reasons to use Market My Meeting


a. We build an online  community to work in tandem with your offline community,

b. We create excitement, awareness and buzz about the meeting topics, the venue, and the speakers which in turn  boosts attendance.

2. We make it easy for you to concentrate on the event logistics  – we take care of the online marketing and clarify your event social media strategy,

3. Continually communicate and engage with attendees – before, during, and after the event,

4. Provide those who cannot attend a way to stay connected – while encouraging them to attend your next event,

5. We build online champions,

6. Give your attendees and members an opportunity to participate, network and share online,

7. Online marketing is cost effective (great for your budget) with measureable metrics,

8. Online marketing provides real time results – you know exactly where you stand, what’s working and what isn’t with your marketing and your meeting,

9. One stop shopping for all your event marketing needs,

10. What we do provides long-term exposure because search results last forever.